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AcelRx Business Development

AcelRx is currently seeking commercial and development partners on a global basis for our pipeline of product candidates. Our ideal partners have both broad geographic coverage and a demonstrated track record of success in our target markets.

Our lead asset, Zalviso™, which has recently completed three successful Phase 3 trials, is focused on the treatment of moderate to severe acute pain in the hospital setting. We are seeking commercial partners in markets outside the United States as we prepare for the domestic commercialization of Zalviso.

Our pipeline products in cancer breakthrough pain (ARX-02), procedural sedation (ARX-03), and acute trauma pain (ARX-04) have all successfully completed Phase 2 studies. We are interested in discussing collaborations to complete development and registration of these product candidates on a regional or worldwide basis to maximize the therapeutic and commercial potential of our pipeline. We welcome the opportunity to talk with potential commercialization partners worldwide about licensing relationships, development collaborations, and strategic alliances that complement and extend our own development and commercial capabilities. To discuss potential partnering opportunities, please contact:

Meera Desai
Alliance Management and Corporate Development
Email:click here